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About PD Tracks

After several sessions and reviewing the Standards Align Inventory, student data, and professional experience the Staff Development Team identified common areas in need of further professional development offerings.  Those topics are categorized by the following overarching ideas:

  • Professional Practice
  • Diverse Learners
  • Assessment
  • Instructional Technology
  • Engagement
  • Effective Teacher (Protégé NTI)
  • Effective Coach (Mentor NTI)

A way to offer professional development on these various topics was to create tracks in which various sessions pertaining to the track would be offered. The Staff Development Team will be coordinating our professional development sessions using these tracks and potential sessions to support our district’s professional development needs.

Explanation of Track Completion

Participants can achieve special recognition and expert status by completing the tracks:
  1. Complete 25 professional development hours or 2 college credits
    1. Minooka PLACE USF Course
    2. Through PDinFocus addressing each subchannel/session
    3. PD Sessions offered or approved by the district
    4. Or a combination of PDinFocus and other PD sessions
  2. Create a Portfolio (Self)–after completing courses, then create portfolio addressing:
    1. How am I using these ideas in my classroom? What have I changed due to the learning from the sessions?
  3. Complete Action Research (Others)–after completing courses, then complete action research–here is what I did; here is the result:
    1. What impact did this have on my students that I can share with others?
    2. Evidence of student learning
  4. Present (Community)–share information so others can learn also
    1. At staff meeting
    2. At institute
    3. Other media or publication

If you take a course outside of Minooka, these activities might not be included in the coursework. Please note, these activities are requisites to finalize your completion of the PD Track.

Course Offerings

Professional Development

Teacher Institute Information