April 15, 2021

Minooka CCSD Students and Families,

We have all worked hard to get us to this week of extended school days! It was wonderful to finally see our kindergarten students having lunch in our school and experiencing their excitement as they and all of our in-person students got to interact with their peers during lunch before returning for more time in our classrooms. We thank everyone involved - students, parents, nurses, custodians, support staff and especially our teachers - for all of the efforts put into this school year.

Now that we have gotten back to the extended school days, we have decided to make one last calendar adjustment to eliminate the scheduled 5 hour School Improvement Days on April 23rd and May 14th. Instead of giving families yet another schedule adjustment that requires midday pickups, we are replacing that time by making Friday, April 30th as our final Instruction Planning Day with no student attendance on that day.

Our final day of the school year - May 28th - is still scheduled to be a 5 hour day. Details on that day's schedules and activities will be forthcoming from your school administration/

  • Friday, April 23rd - Regular, Full day of Student Attendance
  • Friday, April 30th - No Student Attendance - Instruction Planning Day
  • Friday, May 14th - Regular, Full day of Student Attendance
  • Friday, May 28th - 5 hour early release day

Stay safe everyone,

Kristopher P. Monn, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Minooka CCSD 201

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