Business Office

The mission of the Business Office is to ensure stakeholder trust and confidence through effective and efficient operations and stewardship of financial resources. The Business Office strives to proactively manage and forecast district resources in an open, transparent, and responsible manner.

305 W. Church St., Minooka, IL  
Phone:  815-467-6121 ext. 3

Mary Robinson
Business Manager/CSBO          Phone: 815-467-2588
Interoffice Ext.: 7010

Maurene Schumacher
Accounts Payable Bookkeeper
Phone: 815-467-1671
Interoffice Ext.: 7017

Karen Forillo
Payroll Bookkeeper              
Phone: 815-467-2072
Interoffice Ext.: 7008

Eva Medrano
Insurance Bookkeeper  
Phone: 815-467-0595
Interoffice Ext.: 7009

Robin Sitar
Phone: 815-467-0650
Interoffice Ext.: 7014

Office Hours:  8:00am-4:00pm