2019-2020 eLearning Parent Communication

Recent changes in Illinois School Code has allowed school districts to use eLearning in place of emergency non-attendance days. eLearning is an approach which allows school districts to provide an “instructional day” even if the buildings are not open due to weather/road conditions/etc. Our district may use this option, if needed, starting January 6th. This new approach provides the opportunity to have a continuum of instruction that models for students that learning can happen anywhere and anytime.

On these days, teachers and administrators will provide assignments, lessons, and enrichment activities to parents and students. Much of these activities and lessons will incorporate many normal snow day activities for our young learners. Teachers will be available to answer questions as they arise.

If severe weather would prevent our schools from opening, we will announce an e-learning day the same way we have informed you in the past of weather related school closings.

The eLearning concept is new to Illinois but has been successful in different states. With this new process, the District will be collecting feedback from parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and students after each use of an eLearning day to refine our process and make determinations about the use of eLearning in the next school year.

eLearning Procedure For Parents

Activities and Assignments

  • All activities and assignments will be posted in PowerSchool Unified Classroom by 9:00am (or 10:00am in the event of a late start that becomes an eLearning Day). It is highly encouraged for parents to practice logging into PowerSchool Unified Classroom before the use of an eLearning day.
  • Activities and assignments will total approximately 5 hours of total time (inclusive of activity, reflection, and collection or completion of evidence).

Virtual Office Hours

  • Teachers will hold virtual office hours from 9:00am-2:00pm. Instructions for how to contact the teacher will be listed with the assignment in PowerSchool Unified Classroom. Teachers will be working online at this time and will be responsive to questions as quickly as feasible. Parents can expect to receive responses to questions from their teacher within approximately 30-40 minutes or sooner.


  • Attendance will be counted based on assignment or activity completion.
  • Evidence of completion of assignments or activities are due on the 3rd school day after return.
  • For example, if Monday is an e-learning day, then completed work will be due at the beginning of class Thursday,
  • Students’ attendance will be determined by their completion of assignments and/or activities. Evidence of completion will be specified by the teacher. (completed assignment, parent email, etc) Incomplete or missing work will be assigned the appropriate grade (if applicable) and will result in an unexcused absence.

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