Corona Virus (COVID-19) Information

Good afternoon Minooka 201 Students, Parents and Guardians

We want to start by saying how grateful we are to all of our students, families and staff members that have embraced our Remote Instruction eLearning activities. None of us envisioned ourselves in this situation this year or ever. Our schools and staff should be bustling with our tremendous students interacting with their peers, friends and faculty as they continue their education in our classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums and playgrounds. But everyone has risen to the occasion and done what they must to support our students and communities during this unprecedented time. The collaboration between students, staff and families has never been stronger, and we hope that we carry such partnerships into the future of our school district.

School Calendar

Now that we know the remainder of our year will be done through Remote Instruction, we have decided to utilize the three additional Remote Instruction Planning Days authorized by the Governor and ISBE. We will be using these days on the first three Fridays in May, giving us four days of Remote Instruction eLearning each week and a final Planning day for teachers and staff to catch up from the week and prepare for the upcoming week of learning. Our tentative calendar going forward will be:

Friday April 24 - Remote Instruction Planning Day

Monday April 27 - Thursday April 30 - Remote Instruction eLearning

Friday May 1 - Remote Instruction Planning Day

Monday May 4 - Thursday May 7 - Remote Instruction eLearning

Friday May 8 - Remote Instruction Planning Day

Monday May 11 - Thursday May 14 - Remote Instruction eLearning

Friday May 15 - Remote Instruction Planning Day (Last Planning Day)

Monday May 18 - Friday May 22 - Remote Instruction eLearning

Monday May 25 - Memorial Day - No School

Tuesday May 26 - Thursday May 28 (Last Day of School) - Remote Instruction eLearning

Grading and Reporting

During these unprecedented times, Minooka CCSD 201 prioritizes connectedness and care for our students and one another as we maintain a continuity of learning. We recognize the importance of providing feedback, assessing student progress, and learning; and communicating this to students, parents, and teachers in the form of grades. To that end, we further identify a focus of keeping children emotionally and physically safe, fed, and engaged in learning.

With Governor Pritzker's and State Superintendent Dr. Ayala's announcement of completing this school year through remote instructional learning, Minooka CCSD 201 has revised the final grade markings for 4th quarter to Pass or Incomplete.  Students will continue to receive modified grade markings on assignments but the overall summative 4th quarter grade will either be Pass or Incomplete.  These marks will be one piece of data to help our educators begin instruction in the fall. 

Pass Mark - denotes that a student has shown evidence of mastery of grade level material on at least 50% of the presented opportunities through assignments, activities, and other required work.

Incomplete Mark  -denotes that the teacher does not have enough evidence to determine mastery--less than 50% of assignments show mastery.

Pass or Incomplete marks will not be factored into GPA or other Academic distinctions. 

It is important for students to continue to learn and show evidence of their learning through the activities and assignments.  Inadequate evidence will result in the mark of Incomplete.  Please encourage your child(ren) to do their best and ask questions of the teacher when they need help.  We are here for them and want to see all of our students succeed and persevere during this time.

Revised Remote Instructional eLearning:

The Final Quarter Grade: The rating of Pass or Incomplete shall be used in lieu of traditional marks. We request that teachers document all efforts to communicate with students in an effort to help them complete work that is assigned and that all possible barriers the learner may have are addressed and alternative methods of engagement/evaluations have been exhausted.

Student Materials

We have also received many inquiries about how families can get their student's belongings out of lockers, desks or cubbies from school. We are working to finalize our processes to accomplish this and plan to have information to share by early next week. As staff members will need to safely maintain distancing guidelines while clearing out the spaces and preparing them for pick up, we do expect this to take a few weeks before materials are ready. Look for information from your school building for specific details.

Thanks again for the continued partnership between our students, staff and families to keep our students engaged and connected during this time. Remember you can email any questions regarding our Remote Instruction eLearning Plan to We also encourage you to keep sharing those special moments that your student or family have during this time on social media through our #201eLearns hashtag on social media. Truly inspiring stories and moments out there.

Stay safe everyone,

Kristopher P. Monn, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Minooka CCSD 201

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