Multi-Tiered System of Supports

MTSS or Multi-Tiered System of Supports is a framework utilized by Minooka 201 schools to provide targeted and individualized support to students.  MTSS focuses on the whole child, meaning that we look at not only academic supports, but behavioral/social emotional, and language development. When a student is not performing at grade level, the school team will problem solve with families to create individualized interventions to support the student.  Interventions may include research based strategies and interventions targeted for the areas the child is struggling.  

Tiers of supports:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Core Instruction and Supports Targeted Supplemental Instruction and Intervention Intensive Individualized Instruction and Intervention
General academic and social emotional instruction and supports for all students. Focused, targeted instruction, interventions, and supplemental supports for individual students. More intensive and individualized instruction, interventions, and supplemental supports.  Provided in a small group setting.


Determining the Appropriate Support through MTSS:

Step 1

  • Teacher or parent/guardian recognizes concerns with student learning or needs and will make a referral to the building level team

Step 2

  • Building level team will meet to discuss students strengths and concerns, including data from screening tools and discuss possible supports through a whole child problem solving process. 
  • A plan with goals, supports, and targeted supports will be created and documented.

Step 3

  • Plan will be implemented with fidelity and integrity.
  • Progress Monitoring Data will be collected to determine success of plan
  • Team will meet to review data and implementation of the plan 
  • Team will determine if the plan requires changes or should continue to be implemented as written

*Parents will be informed throughout this process.


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