New Website

The Minooka 201 Technology team has worked hard on developing a new website that will help create a cradle of knowledge and communication. 

Our old website failed to meet many of the modern standards of practice that is required for web usage nowadays. With Finalsite, the Tech team has worked to create a more cohesive and modern design, while adhering to ADA compliances and practices.

We hope that you enjoy your experience using the new site!

Recent Updates

September 4th, 2019 - 

We have released our mobile app! Check out the Mobile Web App page for more information.

August 21st, 2019 -

School is back in session, as is some new additions to the website! We have added a directory for the certified staff as well as the front office people. We have also changed posts around to open in a new page. This will help us track posts to see what everyone is viewing as well as make it easier to share those posts on social media. We are continually looking to open up new features and sections to help provide the best information we can to everyone.


Site is live! We will continually be making changes to the site as we gather more content and feedback.