News Post

Lori Shanholtzer

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Beginning April 12th, your child may have a new bus number and pickup time. Please review this information in PowerSchool to avoid delays and potential confusion.

Many student’s pick up times or bus numbers will be changing due to new bus routes as our district begins a return to 5 days a week extended time in-person instruction on April 12th, 2021.  Please be sure to check your child’s bus route information before Monday. April 12th.  To look up your student’s bus information log into the PowerSchool website and visit the student profile page (the same page where you selected either remote or in person instruction for your child). 

Accessing Student Profile Page: 

  1. Log into Unified Classroom at:
  2. On the left, click on quick links (on phones it looks like 3 horizontal lines)
    1. If using your phone, click PowerSchool
  3. Click on Main Portal page
  4. Scroll down and on the left, click on Student Profile

For problems, call your child’s school office. We anticipate further changes being made, so we encourage you to also check tomorrow. 

If you cannot log into PowerSchool, please email: and someone from the technical team will help you.