8th Grade Deactivation Instructions

Hello Parents/Guardians,

This message is a reminder for your graduated 8th grader that their Google accounts will be deactivated on June 30th, 2020. If they wish to keep anything from their Google Drive, they will need to download it onto another computer before June 30th.

To download documents off of Google Drive, simply right click on the item you want, and click download.

You can select multiple files by placing files into a folder. To do this, create a new folder by clicking the “new” button, then “folder”.

Once you name the folder, you can move documents into it by right clicking on them, and selecting “move”.

After moving everything you want into the folder, find the folder in your Google Drive, right click, and hit download. This will download all the contents in that folder, and place them into a .zip file. Extracting .zip files will be different on different computers. On a Windows machine, simply right click on the .zip file, and hit “extract all”

If you are unsure on how to extract files on your machine, a quick Google search should be able to help you.

Thank you,

Minooka Jr. High

*Minooka 201 is not responsible for any accounts created using your Minooka 201 Gmail address. Minooka 201 is not responsible for what may happen to those accounts after the Google account has been deactivated.*