Student School Records

Minooka Community Consolidated School District #201 has established policies and procedures to ensure the privacy of student educational records as required by federal and state law.  Further, Minooka CCSD #201 has designated the principal of each school building as the official records custodian with responsibilities for the maintenance, care and security of all the school's student records.  This page describes the general content of the student educational records, who has access to the records and the degree to which confidentiality will be respected.

Access and Release of Records

The District shall grant access to student records as follows. 

The District or any District employee shall not release, disclose, or grant access to information found in any student record except under the conditions set forth in the Illinois School Student Records Act.

The parent(s)/guardian(s) of a student under 18 years of age, or designee, shall be entitled to inspect and copy information in the child's school records; a student less than 18 years old may inspect or copy information in the student's permanent school record. Such requests shall be made in writing and directed to the records custodian. Access to the records shall be granted within 15 days of the District's receipt of such a request.

Where the parents/guardians arc divorced or separated, both shall be permitted to inspect and copy the student's school records unless a court order indicates otherwise. The district shall send copies of the following to both parents/guardians at either one's request, unless a court order indicates otherwise: a) academic progress reports or records; b) health reports; c) notices of parent-teacher
conferences; d) school calendars distributed to parents/guardians; and e) notices about open houses, graduations, and other major school events including pupil-parent(s)/guardian(s) interaction.

When the student reaches 18 years or age, graduates from high school, marries, or enters military service, all rights and privileges accorded to a parent(s)/guardian(s) become exclusively those of the student.

Access shall not be granted the parent(s)/guardian(s) or the student to confidential letters and recommendations concerning the admission to a post-secondary educational institution, applications for employment, or the receipt of an honor or award which have been placed in the records prior to January 1, 1975, provided such letters and statements are not used for purposes other than those for which they were specifically intended.

Access shall not be granted to such letters and statements entered into the record at any time if the student has waived his or her right of access after being advised of his or her right to obtain the names of all persons making such confidential letters and statements.

The District may grant access to, or release information from, student records to employees or officials of the District Or the Illinois State Board of Education provided a current, demonstrable, educational or administrative need is shown, without parent/guardian consent or notification. Access in such
cases shall be limited to the satisfaction of that need.

The District may grant access to, or release information from, student records without  parental/guardian consent or notification to any person for the purpose of research, statistical reporting, or planning, provided that no student or parent(s)/guardian(s) can be identified from the information released. The person to whom the information is released signs an affidavit agreeing to comply with all applicable statutes and rules pertaining to school student records.

The District shall grant access to or release information from a student's records pursuant to a court order. provided that the parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be given prompt written notice upon receipt of such order of its terms, the nature and substance of the information proposed to be released, and an opportunity to inspect and to challenge such records and to challenge their contents.

The District shall grant access to or release information from any student record as specifically required by federal or state statute.

The District shall grant access to or release information from student records to any person possessing a written, dated consent, signed by the parent(s)/guardian{s) or eligible student with particularity as to whom the records may be released, the information or record to be released, and the reason for the release. One copy of the consent form will be kept in the records, and one copy shall be mailed to the parents(s)/guardian(s) or eligible student by the Superintendent. Whenever the District requests the consent to release certain records, the records custodian shall inform the parent(s)/guardian(s) or eligible student of the right to limit such consent to specific portions of information in the records.
The District may release student records to the Superintendent or an official with similar responsibilities in a non-Illinois school in which the student has enrolled or intends to enroll, upon written request from such official. 

Prior to the release of any records or information under items listed above, the District shall provide prompt written notice to the parent(s)/guardian(s) or eligible student of this intended action. This notification shall include a statement concerning the nature and substance of the records to be released and the right to inspect, copy, and challenge the contents.

The District may release student records or information in connection with an emergency without parental consent if the knowledge of such information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other persons. The records custodian shall make this decision taking into consideration the nature of the emergency, the seriousness of the threat to the health or safety of the student or other persons, the need for such records to meet the emergency, and whether the persons to whom such records are released are in a position to deal with the emergency. The District shall notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) or eligible student as soon as possible of the information released, the date
of the release, the person, agency, or organization to whom the release was made, and the purpose of the release.

The District charges $.35 per page for copying information in the student's records. No parent(s)/guardian(s) or student shall be precluded from copying information because of financial hardship.

A record of all releases of information from student records including all instances of access granted whether or not records were copied) shall be kept and maintained as part of such records. This record shall be maintained for the life of the student record and shall be accessible only to the parent(s)/guardian(s) or eligible student, records custodian, or other qualified person. The record
of release shall include a) information released or made accessible; b) the name and signature of the records custodian; c) the name and position of the person obtaining the release or access; d) the date of the release or grant of access; and e) a copy of any consent to such release.

What Student Records Are

A student record is the written history of the performance and activities of any child enrolled in school. This record will contain an of the state and federally mandated information and any other information necessary to evaluate a student's progress. It will also give a brief description of that student's tenure in school. 

Student records two broken into two parts: the permanent record, the record which is kept for at least sixty years; and the temporary record, which must be destroyed five years after the student leaves. These two parts of a student's record contain different types of information that may be useful to the student for the rest of the student's life. The temporary record contains information that is most important to have during the student's school years.

Contents of Student Permanent Records

Permanent student educational records are kept on file a minimum of sixty years after the student has graduated, withdrawn, or transferred from the school district. These records include the following:

  • basic identifying information: student and parent names; addresses, student birth date and place, gender;
  • academic transcripts: grades, grade level achievement, date of graduation;
  • attendance records;
  • health records and accident reports;
  • record of the release of permanent student record information;
  • honors and awards; and/or
  • school sponsored activities and athletics.

Contents of Student Temporary Records

Temporary student educational records contain information which is most important to have during the student's school years. Temporary student records will be reviewed for elimination of out-of-date, inaccurate, or unnecessary information every four years, or upon a student change in attendance centers, whichever occurs first. If you or your child wishes to retain the information in the temporary record, please obtain a copy prior to five years after graduation or permanent withdrawal from the school district. After five years, all temporary records will be destroyed. Temporary records may include the following:

  • family background information;
  • intelligence and aptitude test scores;
  • reports of psychological evaluations, information on intelligence personality, and academic information obtained through test observations, and interviews;
  • achievement test results;
  • participation in extra-curricular activities, including offices held in school-sponsored clubs, honors and awards received;
  • disciplinary information, teacher anecdotal records, copies of the student's work;
  • special education files, reports of the multidisciplinary staffings which determine whether placements arc made, and all records (including tape recordings) of related special education placement hearings and appeals;
  • any verified response or information from non-education persons, agencies, or organizations;
  • other verified information of clear relevance to the student's education; and/or
  • record of release of temporary student record information.

Special Education Records

Your child's special education records (temporary student record) may be of value to you in later years. Eligibility for social security and other federal and state programs may be determined by psychological profiles, special education files, or other information. YOU MAY WISH TO OBTAIN A COPY OF YOUR CHILD'S TEMPORARY RECORDS UPON GRADUATION OR TRANSFER FROM SCHOOL DISTRICT #201. These records will be destroyed within five years of the student's graduation or permanent withdrawal from our schools. Temporary records which may be of'continued assistance to a student with disabilities who graduates or permanently withdraws from the district, may, after 5 years, be transferred to the parent/guardian or to the student if the student has succeeded to the rights of the parent/guardian. Unless you have a copy of the transferred records; the information will not be available after that time. You may request copies or the transfer of your child's temporary records at the school office.

Student Records Destruction Schedule

All temporary records will be destroyed five years after the student graduates or withdraws from the school district. The records are destroyed on this schedule in accordance with state and federal law. Parents, guardians, or students over the age of 18 may obtain a copy of their temporary records by so requesting in writing to the principal of the school they last attended in Minooka CCSD #201. A charge, in accordance with the policy of the Board of Education, may be assessed. Temporary school student records will be destroyed on the following schedule:

Student Records Destruction Schedule
Graduation Withdrawal Date Destruction Date
2016-17 2021-22
2017-18 2022-23
2018-19 2023-24
2019-20 2024-25

Appeal Procedure

School board policy provides a procedure for the challenge of information contained in student records by parents, guardians, or students 18 years or older. The parent/guardian may challenge the accuracy, relevance, or propriety of the records, except (1) grades, and (2) references to expulsions or out-of-school suspensions if the challenge is made when the student's school records are being forwarded to another school. Parents/guardians have the right to present evidence and to call witnesses and the right to cross-examine witnesses.

Special Note to Parents regarding Student Records

Reasonable parent notification will be given before information contained in the record is destroyed, deleted, or changed. 

Upon a student's 18th birthday, graduation from secondary school, marriage, or entry into military service, whichever occurs first, all rights accorded a parent or guardian regarding student records
become exclusively those of the student.

No person may condition the granting or withholding of any right, privilege, or benefit, or make as a condition of employment, credit, or insurance, the securing by any individual of any information from a student's temporary record which such individual may obtain through the exercise of any right secured under the Illinois Student Records Act of the Illinois State Board of Education Rules on Student Records.

If you have questions or need further clarification, please contact the district at 815-467-6121